In September Film Club at the Roxy will celebrate its 25th year. To mark this anniversary, the committee would like to re-show our 1st ever film in our opening slot in Sept. This will be the immensely popular "Babette's Feast".

We would also like to show a Member's Choice film later in the year nominated from a shortlist of those we have shown over the last 24 years. This could be in one of our regular slots, or as an extra screening.

A voting form will be available at each of our April / May / June films for you to vote for your favourite films. The form will also gauge interest in providing or selling memorabilia.

Alternatively you can email me your choice. Any feedback or ideas will be welcome.

Shortlist Choose 3 films (max)

Jean de Florette
Cinema Paradiso
Henry V
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Un Coeur en Hiver
The Red Violin
In the Mood for Love
No Man's Land
35 Shots of Rum

Babette's Feast

                       To help you, some research results can be found on the linked pages - sorry for the delay, more later.